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Definition:  A LOP Club is comprised of members of Lake of the Pines with like or common interests.The club may provide for the benefit, enjoyment or education of its members. All LOP clubs must, in some way, contribute to the Lake of the Pines community. Types of contributions may be of financial, cultural, labor/work related or other nature. A LOP club may have other legitimate affiliations, provided they meet all LOP club qualifications.

Criteria for Qualifications:

1. A LOP club must be a non-profit organization.

2. At least 75% of the memberships of an LOP club must be members of the Lake of the Pines Association, and the club must have at least ten active members.

3. The presiding officer of a LOP club must be a member of the Lake of the Pines Association; as must be at least 75 percent of the total members of the board.

4. Every LOP Club must submit (or have on file) an application for approval. This application shall state the specific purpose for which the club is being (or has been) formed and identify the benefits the club will provide the association and its members. Expansion of club activities beyond the charter statement will require specific approval by the Board of Directors.

Applications for the formation of new clubs will be reviewed by the Recreation Committee. The committee's recommendation will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for final determination.

The Board of Directors will review current clubs for continued qualification under this policy on an exception only basis.

If a club is denied LOP Club status, it may continue to meet in Lake of the Pines Association facilities by paying the nonmember facility fee. When the club shows evidence that it has met the LOP club qualifications, it may request reinstatement by submitting a request.

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